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December 30, 2011
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2011 Colour Summary by YelZamor 2011 Colour Summary by YelZamor
:bulletblue: Greetings, peeps!

:bulletblue: I generally ignore these types of things, but a nonchalant glance back seemed to reveal that my year was much more thickly filled than I previously imagined. Doing one each for both my comic colours as well as personal art, since both present unique challenges and tend to progress differently. So here we are 'The Colour Summary of art 2011'!

January - Colouring of ‘The Interactives’ continues with issue #2. Working with Luciano Vecchio ~LucianoVecchio on art and Peter Rogers on writing duties.

February - Issue #3 of ‘The Interactives’ and the end is nigh. Luciano always brought a surprise with every new page so I was beginning to dread our project nearing an end. I genuinely miss it now.

March - Two things worthy of pride happened this month. Firstly, I had a chance to contribute my colours to ‘Spirit of Hope’, a charity anthology created to help the relief efforts in Japan and New Zealand (story by Paul H. Birch and pencils by Gary Crutchley). Secondly, our graphic novel ‘Hero: 9 – 5’ was reprinted a second time, which warranted a brand new cover!

April - David Gray (my artist colleague on ‘Hero: 9 – 5’) requested a few colours for a few of his portfolio pieces. Luckily, he is a Doctor Who nut, so I got a chance to colour a short Eighth Doctor story for him.

May - ‘The Interactives’ was finished, and we polished off the last few pages, sending them off to Ian Sharman *CrazyEnglishGuy to letter. I learned a lot on this project and the colours visibly took a few confident strides forward.

June - Work on ‘Hero: 9 – 5’ book #2 continues and it is visibly darker, grittier and more rainy. Just you wait! We’ve had twenty-five new pages arrive recently which will be coloured in the new year!

July - Gary Erskine invited me to colour a cover he created for ‘Thrill Electric’ chapter 4. You can see the final version on their website! It was quite exciting to contribute something to ‘channel 4’, since my first career steps were in television.

August - ‘Cataclysm’ with Liam Hayes on writing duties and Dong Beniga Jr on art. It’s a dark fantasy set in post-apocalyptic times, in a world populated by zombies and all manner of tainted creatures. You can read it free on 'MyeBook'! Do eeet.

September - Finished work on ‘Cataclysm’.

November - Worked on a pitch for ‘Parassassin’, a multi-issue scifi story set in a far future. I love me a bit of scifi and it was great working with Jasper Bark, whom I met on ‘Spirit of Hope’ earlier in the year. Art by Alfa Robbi.

December - Began colours on ‘Shrapnel’, an exciting new hero story from Orang Utan Comics. Written by Holly Rose, art by Katrine Rasmussen.

Rather cool year on colours! There are many more projects here still under wraps and hidden, but you will see them very soon indeed!

December 2011
LukaszMuzial Dec 30, 2011   Traditional Artist
October - ARTINAUT??
YelZamor Dec 31, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
This is for comic colours only. :3 I'll be doing a personally drawn summary soon. ;)
LukaszMuzial Dec 31, 2011   Traditional Artist
aaaaaaaaa ;) ok :D
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